2012 SCU Women's Water Polo

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I will be putting all of the pictures on DVD's for girls at the end of the season.

San Jose State, 4/15/2012

Cal St. East Bay, 4/15/2012

Colorado St, 4/14/2012

Cal State San Bernardino, 4/14/2012

UC Davis, 3/25/2012

Maryland, 3/25/2012

Alumni Game, 3/24/2012

Long Beach St, 3/4/2012

Cal Baptist, 2/15/2012

CS Monterey Bay, 2/25/2012

Stanford, 2/18/2012

California State East Bay, 2/18/2012

Fresno Pacific, 2/4/2012

CS Monterey Bay, 2/4/2012

Michigan, 2/3/2012

Sonoma State, 1/29/2012

Concordia (Cal.), 1/29/2012

California State University Bakersfield, 1/28/2012

University of the Pacific, 1/22/2012

UC Davis, 1/22/2012

Fraser Valley (Canada), 1/21/2012

UC Santa Barbara, 1/20/2012

Fall Scrimmage - Game 4, 11/13/2011

Fall Scrimmage - Game 3, 11/13/2011

Fall Scrimmage - Game 2, 11/13/2011

Fall Scrimmage - Game 1, 11/13/2011