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The following Presentation High School Water Polo pictures were taken through the 2008 season.  Unless otherwise noted these are all pictures of the Varsity team.  Groups of images are organized by games.  The images on these pages are reduced in quality and size so that they will load faster.  Please send me an email if you would like me to email you a copy of an original picture file.  Keep in mind they will be approximately 3MB size per picture.

The 2008 Presentation High School Varsity Water Polo Team


11/27/2008 Alumni Game

11/15/2008 Los Altos

11/07/2008 Sacred Heart Prep

11/04/2008 Mitty

10/27/2008 St Francis

10/25/2008 Palo Alto

10/25/2008 Leland

10/24/2008 Woodside

10/24/2008 Menlo Atherton

10/15/2008 St Ignatius

10/13/2008 Valley Christian

10/11/2008 St Ignatius

10/11/2008 Monta Vista

10/11/2008 Palo Alto

10/11/2008 Santa Teresa

10/09/2008 Notre Dame Belmont

10/07/2008 Mitty

09/06/2008 Castalleja

09/06/2008 Menlo

09/12/2008 Sunnyside

09/12/2008 Napa

09/12/2008 Granada

09/13/2008 Ponderosa

09/13/2008 Lincoln